All about a custom polaroid film and an Instax photo


A polaroid picture is a very popular photographic process. Perhaps you’ve heard of it before. It is also referred to as pop-up pictures or pop-up photographs. Did you know that a custom polaroid film is another possibility to enjoy pictures? In this article we’ll tell you all about it.

What makes a polaroid picture so special?

A polaroid picture preserves your memory. It is a type of picture which you can save from your childhood days. A pop-up picture preserves your memory in a neat format. You can keep the image of your childhood, or all the memories. And there are multiple possibilities, including making a custom polaroid film to preserve great memories. Put in an Instax photo frame for example to enjoy a stunning print that instantly makes you happy. Do you need more information about the Poloroid pictures? Feel free to look on the internet for additional information.

The polaroid process

Let’s take a look into a polaroid picture itself. The process is very interesting. The white is preserved on the image as it is. The image has four corners which are very important to us. The image is saved in a clear format and nowadays can be digitalized as well. You can customize it, as we said before. Add a caption for example or some other details to the image to make it beautiful.

The important role of the lens

Before you take your own digital photograph and make a custom polaroid film you need to understand the fundamentals of photography. Take the important role of the lens, for example. This instrument looks  at two (or more) areas of the scene and takes an image of each. The lens comes in an all in one lens – an all lens. The 'all in one' lens is what every photographer is taught to take.

Use the zoom lens

A zoom lens is a lens which zooms in on the area you want to photograph. You might ask, what is an 'angle' of photography? It is simply a view of the scene you want to photograph. The more a lens zooms in, the more the scene expands. This is known as the 'zoomed in angle' of the photograph. And do not forget another angle of photography, named the 'wide angle.  It gives a wide angle of view and not a zoomed in angle. Use it when you make a polaroid film and preserve your great memories!